Monday, October 18, 2010


by Irfan Adam Irwan Shahrin                      

The following took place between 9 a.m and 9 p.m...

The last time I was at Grandpa's farm it was raining cats and dogs. All my activities had to be indoors, so it wasn't very long before I got a bit cranky.

Recently the weather was nice and cool, not freaking hot like the past few days. So I asked Mama if I could visit Grandpa at The Farm again. I was quite

surprised that she agreed to let me go. I must have been giving her a tough time, I thought. So it's good to get out of her hair for a while.

Of course I have my Papa too, but I didn't think of asking him. What Mama says normally goes.

Besides Papa may not notice that I'm gone for a day (no, that's not true, I know he'd go bonkers like Mama would). Most days Papa's at the office from early morning (before I got up) till 8 or 9 p.m.

Sometimes when there's a crisis he'll be blackberrying his colleagues from where ever we are having dinner. And then he's off to office after that.

On weekends my Papa is busy too. He is a racing driver and he teaches people to race, or join them for trips somewhere. At the same time he will sell them his Unit Trust. He gives real meaning to multitasking. 

I sometimes wish my Papa retires early so he can spend more time with me and Mama (and Grandpa). After all, he's already thirty two years old. He can retire, can't he?

That Saturday however Papa made himself free and together with Mama sent me to Grandma's. They hugged and kissed me good-bye like I was going away for a whole week.

Here's how I made myself busy at Grandpa's Farm (while Grandma prepared lunch and tea - boiled tapioca, I think - and Grandpa attended to his sick goats):

Tug of War

Feeding Sabarudeng with Uncle Iz

Running around and falling over

Feeding the Tilapia

Finish doh, can I have some more?, Please?
(The fishes were very full that day)

Back at the house to give Uncle Iz a Thai Massage

"I want my Ferrari...!"

Driving my Ferrari, with engine sound and all
(notice the sweat dripping)

The massage and racing with the Ferrari made me tired. After I had a short nap, and took my bath, we made our way home, and stopped by for dinner at this place:

I just love playing with straws

Back at school I made this for Grandpa:

Grandpa, this is you. Love, Irfan.



Su said...

How sweet! What a fun visit!

Grandpa said...

Thank you Su! Have a great week ahead

Marieke said...

So lovely! :)

Rachael Harrie said...

Aaaw, so cute :)


Grandpa said...

Marieke, Rach, Thank you!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

What a good helper you have there!

Grandpa said...

Yes, he likes to do stuff, and he's the outdoor type - like his parents.

Hope you are feeling better already, OFG

Jenny Beattie said...

Lovely pictures.

I'm just stopping by to say hello from one crusader (and a nearby neighbour) to another. It's nice to meet you.

Grandpa said...

Hi Jenny, thanks for stopping by. WELCOME to The Farm! Nice to meet you too.

Lola Sharp said... cute. (I don't think I want a Thai massage though ;)

Thanks for sharing. :)


erica and christy said...

What a cutie! Looks like a very fun time! We have an award for you on our blog. We're glad you found us so we could be visitors at your farm! erica and christy

Grandpa said...

Hi Lola, thanks for dropping by. He's a playful little one, isn't he?

Read all about Alex's book launch at your blog

Pat said...

Irfan is adorable!

Grandpa said...

Erica and Christy, THANK YOU for the award, it's so very kind of you. You are very welcome to pop in here, as often as you like!

Pat, thank you - his mama referred to him as her 'bundle of joy'

Nadia said...

Pa, hahaha, this story sudah berkurun lamanya.. but I'm glad that you all had fun! I sure hope he didn't give you a tough time. And that Thai hurts.. damn bad! Heh.

And yes, I wish Ian would retire too, but even with him retiring, I don't think he can sit still at home lah. He mana boleh duduk diam-diam? ;)

p/s: This is how it works usually; if Irfan nak go with you all, he asks me if it's alright and if Irfan nak go with my parents, he asks Ian. Just thought it'd be fair for both parties that way. :)

Grandpa said...

Hi Nadia, papa ada banyak material 'on file'. Like a newspaper columnist you cannot afford to run out of stories, or miss your deadlines. So there's a queue as well as 'context' consideration before publishing.

I hope in reality it's not so bad about Ian being busy...he's got a tremendous job, interesting hobby,friends, and a fantastic and supportive family. It'll be in his interest to achieve a harmonious balance. Perhaps I should know if that's not happening.

Didn't realise that sort of arrangement exists, sounds sensible - whatever works, we have no probs, really