Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Conversation With S 2 - Thou Shall Not Kill

What were you thinking? He asked so loudly my ears ached. My right eardrum has lost some of its ability to vibrate to receive soundwaves (a polite way of saying I am rather deaf), thank goodness.

This time he was fully attired in long flowing robe. He had grown a beard too.

The last time he tormented me was when I was mending the fence under the seething mid-day tropical sun. He was not happy then that I was slugging it out, all alone.

What was I thinking? I asked myself this time. What is it all about now...

"What was I thinking?"  I asked him innocently.

"Yes, when you left the dogs without their supper"

So THAT is what this is all about. I think I can handle this.

"Oooh, that. But they had been naughty dogs. They didn't carry out their duty as guard dogs. They failed to chase those wild boars away remember?" I knew what was coming, so like any good defence attorney I started to build a case for the defendant.

"Anyway it was a small punishment compared to my losses" I went on. I was going to win this one.

"And when did all this happen?" He asked.

"Last week", was my prompt reply, thinking he needed evidence. "I was away then". I added, supposedly to make my case even stronger.

"And you punished them two days ago!" He exclaimed, weighing down on me, eyes blood shot red.

"Yes, what's wrong with that?"

"How long have you had these dogs?" He asked. I was beginning to dislike the line of questioning.

"Two years"

"You don't know much about dogs do you?"

"What do you mean?"

"Any dog owner worth his salt should know that you have to reward or punish them instantly - immediately after the good or bad deed is performed. If you let even a few moments pass, let alone hours or days, the poor dogs won't have any clue as to what it is all about. Besides you were not around at the time, how do you know for sure that they have not made any effort to chase the animals away?"

Now Mr prosecutor is closing in on me...

"What about the wild boar?"

"What about them?"

 "Why are you assembling the whole SWAT team to go after them?"

 "Why not? After what they had done to my properties. I have every right to..."

He almost strangled me. Stopped me in my track.

" Have you forgotten your promise. To RESPECT and to BE with the elements. They didn't go to your place. YOU came here! You have come to live in this jungle. This is THEIR home. They have to eat to live. What right are you talking about??" A normal being talking would have uttered the swear word then.

If I were in a court room I would clearly see members of the jury nodding their heads in unison, repeatedly.

"And one more thing..." I felt like saying "Yes, my lord", but didn't.

"Don't you do anything while you are angry, ever again. Do you understand? Again, yes, my lord was very tempting.

"When you are angry, count to ten, before you even THINK of doing anything. If very angry, count to 100. Now if you have difficulty doing that, I suggest you ask one of your grandsons to do it for you".

Now I need to go dismantle the SWAT team and bring down the wanted and reward posters.

This post is inspired by NATURE GIRL . Thanks Anna.


Jeanne said...

I enjoyed reading this post.

Naturegirl said...

My dear man what a wonderful post for me to wake up to!
Yes God does use us to carry on his work.I suppose I was his messenger this one time.
I do believe that God puts people in our path for a reason.
I am happy that you have thought about your actions towards your dogs. I know you have trained them to do a job but remember like YOU they have a beating heart.
Kindness and understanding works wonders in any world.
A Nature lover through and through,
hugs naturegirl and one more think
give the dogs a special pat on the head just from me!
I loved reading this post!

Lydia said...

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Grandpa said...

Thanks for visiting, Jeanne. God bless you too.

Naturegirl,your return to blog was very timely indeed...yes they are my wonderful companions. I had them since they were four months old. 'M' was a stray I adopted to keep Ella (the Rotti) company. They have become real buddies since. I'll pat and say 'hello' to them for you...Take care

Lydia, thanks for visiting, the compliment,and for the suggestion. I enjoy writing so your idea is one way to share it with more people