Friday, August 20, 2010

I Went to Grandpa's Farm

by Irfan Adam Irwan Shahrin Ismail

"Hello, I am Irfan Adam. I am four years old. Last saturday Papa, Mama, Atuk n Nenek (that's my mama's dad n mom), uncle Pin, uncle Tariq and I went to visit Grandpa at his farm. I have been there before, seems a looong time ago. I was still small then. That time I slept at Grandpa's farm house, but this time I was too excited to take a nap. Lagi pun I am a big boy now kan.

When we arrived that afternoon it was raining slightly. Grandpa was all smiles as he greeted us. I salam and hugged him, and asked "where's Grandma...I want Grandma" Grandpa said Grandma's not around, she's travelling.

Everybody then rushed to see how the boers were doing, while Grandpa checked the chicken he was cooking for us on the barbi. Later Papa and I took some fish food and walked to the pond to feed the fish - so many of them. Papa said they were Kois.

While Papa and Mama helped Grandpa with the barbi I played on the staircase with Grandpa's tattered old belt. Grandpa was so amused when I called it "vine". He said he didn't learn the word vine until he went to France to study grape plants. Then I went with Grandpa to feed the goats.

Here's the chicken, and me posing and acting funny...


The Vine

Caps in a row, as re-arranged by me

When it was time to 'buka puasa' or break fast we enjoyed Grandpa's bbq chicken and other stuff nenek bought on the way. Nenek also helped to cook some dish.

I continued playing until I felt funny and tired. When I spoke loudly my mama said it was rude. I felt my face jadi 'bengkak' (swollen) and my eyes became long and small - like those chinese cartoon characters. So I went on Grandpa's lap and whispered to him "I'm not happy with most people here..." Grandpa said I must be sleepy. He asked me to take a nap. So my papa and I went to the bedroom, opened the mattress and lie down. But I didn't sleep. We just chatted.

When I felt better I went out again to see TV (Grandpa didn't have cartoon channel 613, so I was forced to see Discovery Channel). When there was a picture of a monkey jumping up and down Atuk said that was my cousin, I said no, my cousin is Zaqwan...

Soon it was time to go home. We all salam and said good-bye to Grandpa. "Bye-bye Grandpa, see you real soon..."


Nadia said...

Hahahahaha! Pa, I almost fell off the chair laughing! That was a good read.. and we shall visit you again soon-ish. :))

Nadia said...
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Sarah said...

Hi Irfan Adam and Grandpa!
I loved reading about your visit with your Grandpa Irfan Adam-it made me laugh and it sounds as if you had lots of fun!
Thanks for your visit Grandpa. I am off to the sea again today, but this time to look for fossilised sharks teeth!
Sarah :)

Akelamalu said...

I followed a link from somewhere and found myself here - what a delightful blog. Being a grandma I enjoyed reading about the 'visit to grandpa' :)

Kelle said...

A very heart warming story, thank you for sharing it with us all!

Love the pictures, CUTE< CUTE< CUTE!
Blessings for your day,