Thursday, August 26, 2010

Plenty of Rain

We have been getting a lot of rain on The Farm over the last few days. So it has been nice and cool, even chilly in the wee hours of the morning, which requires you to put a jacket on. As you may know by now the Farm House is quite spartan, made of wood with an open concept. So it is in no way air-conditioned, no sir, no way. Which is just as well, if clean natural air is what you look for.

Rain is good for the young trees which need plenty of water on a daily basis. But not so good for the older trees which are supposed to flower. Too much rain will delay or stop flowering altogether. In fact they need a dry spell of a week or so for the flower buds to burst out. No flower means no fruit. But that is farming. You have to accept nature as it is. Take the good and not so good in your stride. Kind of like life itself isn't it...

Rain is also good for the fish. The pond is full of water which means more oxygen and bigger space for them to swim around. And it is a delightful sight watching schools of fish swim!

After the rain Dragonflys came out in numbers around the pond. They are pretty tame, but not tame enough for me to get real close-ups. So these will do:

This is a blue one, quite rare. The wings are transparent so
not so clearly visible

I took the opportunity of the high water level to release ten more Tilapia frys, along with a dozen Soon Hock.

The Soon Hock or Marbled Goby, or 'Ikan Hantu', or 'ghost fish', I think they are called, as the name suggests are nothing to look at, if fact they are quite ugly.

   But extremely good eating especially when steamed with soy sauce and garnished with spring onion.

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