Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How to Survive for Ten days in Krabi, Thailand

As we arrive in Krabi and check into the hotel, the first thought that come to mind is where to eat?

When we travel in Australia or Europe or the US for holidays what we normally do is hire a car, drive around, and check into hotels/motels/apartments with cooking facilities. We remember fondly the time we drove from LA to San Francisco otw to Half Moon Bay where the Murphy's lived. We did that and even went fishing and brought back the fish to cook at the motel at places such as the lovely town of San Luis Obispo.  It was so much fun!

But in Krabi? No way! Besides we just wanted to really relax and not worry about cooking come meal time.

While breakfast is part of the package, so taken care of (the only thing we need to do is get up early enough to catch it!), there's lunch and dinner and supper to worry about.

Well, 'worry' is the wrong word. You can have any of these, all just next to the hotel:

But hey, we don't want to eat those (ok, may be the coffee). That would be like going to England to eat Chinese fried rice followed by iced longan (in winter), instead of a juicy 300g medium rare sirloin, or big slices of tender, smoking hot roast beef,  followed by Yorkshire pudding!

So let's go local. And I see just the place for that. Let's go!


Ohiofarmgirl said...

Hi Grandpa! Wow looks like you are really suffering! HA!

How funny to see the US brands there - I got a laugh when I saw them in Russia. Looks like you are going to have a great time - enjoy every second. If you get a chance, have a plate of pad see ew, which is my favorite...and not found anywhere in my rural town.

Grandpa said...

Hi Girl, great to see you here!

Apart from your favorite I also like Tom Yam kung. I will tell more about my survival and adventure there, so be back often, will ya?

Phuket Hotels Thailand said...

Krabi is a great place for special occasions Great food , fantastic restaurant , best location to stay.

Bimbimbie said...

I'm smiling at your holiday photos food, food, food - I have to put my hand up and admit I'm not a foodie - I eat to survive with the daily piece of chocolate thrown in of course ;)

Grandpa said...

Bimbimbie, I do tend to overindulge when I travel. Otherwise I eat very little: firstly at my age I really should cut down on food ; secondly, the nearest small town is 5 km from the farm, so I really don't go out but cook some simple stuff