Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Visitor, Very Early One Morning

I went down to the kitchen early one morning and found him waiting for me – perched on my favourite cup, which I got from one of those rainforest tours.

I said “Hi, hello there, what have we got here?”
                             He said “ Hello, I’m Mantis, how are you?”

(Thoughts ran through my mind – I had just bought the camera then. Well, here’s my first great opportunity to test how good the Canon 550D is, or rather how good my photography is. I moved Mantis to a wooden ladle for better shots, and ran as quickly as I could up the staircase to grab no, gently but quickly take the camera out of the bag).

“I am fine, how are you?” I asked my uninvited guest, while fumbling and struggling to select one of the 14, yes fourteen 'modes' on the camera, hoping that it would be the correct one for the shots I was about to take, and wishing that he would stay a while longer.

“I am fine too, but rather hungry" he said. " Had been scouring this whole place for something to eat but you have kept it too clean. No food leftovers at all” Mantis said, making animated movements with his head and spiked forelegs.

“No problem, we can fix that”, I said. I opened the fridge and took out a strip of spring onion and put to Mantis’s mouth. He didn’t seem to like it. Then I took a piece of cabbage and let him chew.

“Do you prefer this one?” I asked. Mantis said “Hmm… not bad, but I like insects and bugs better”. I said “Good, then you can help me get rid of the pests around here”.

All of a sudden Mantis stopped chewing and stood head down, very still, all the animated movements completely gone. He was all quiet. I knew then, Mantis was praying.


Aimee said...

hello grandpa!
I am enjoying your photos! The picture of the two dogs is very funny.
Thank you for visiting my blog.

Grandpa said...

Hi Aimee, thanks for dropping by.

Ella (the Rottweiler) and M play with each other a lot, and chase anyone/thing that passes by too close to the farm fencing together too, with M doing most of the barking. They are both two years old now - I had them since they were four months old

Serena said...

A lovely post! Praying Mantis are such interesting creatures and we tend to get quite a few around here....I love to watch them.

Grandpa said...

Thank you, Serena. We do get various types of bugs here, some beneficial, some you can do without. But that's life

Thanks for visiting. Hope you are feeling better.