Thursday, August 26, 2010

No, I am NOT an Alien

(Warning: there’s a bit of rambling here, so you may skip this if you don’t like ramblings. Go straight to jail the chicken story)

Grandma says I am an alien so often that I began to think I am one. She thinks my thinking is often outrageous and my ideas out of this world (see what I mean?).

Aliens are full of themselves. That’s what I am, full of myself. Not in a bragging, loudmouth kind of way, far from it. I just happen to live in my own world, by my own rules.

You can hear very few words from me. (That's why I am so bad at coffee shop talk over teh tarik). But you can read plenty, because once I’m at the keyboard (used to be my trusty fountain pen) there’s no stopping me.

Like the Aliens I think humans should follow me to my planet, live the way I do - enjoying the simple things in life. Be carefree, but be careful. Survive on bare minimum, no wastage of any kind. Save some for the next generation.

Aliens find earth not so technologically advanced, and human thinking flawed on most issues. And planet earth is beyond saving. As Amelia said in her blog "We are selling assets as income - that's false economy". I agree one hundred percent.

I tend to however take these ideals to their extremes. I want to live in a perfect world. I despise human imperfections and frailities. I do not suffer fools gladly.

Aliens believe reverently in two rules for happy living: One, do not be affected by how others behave. If somebody is rude, or insensitive, or habitually late, or whatever, that is his or her problem. He/she should be the one feeling sick about it, not you.

Number two: do not rely on others to give you that happiness. Find your own. This non-reliance will break you free. Free from expectations. Free to explore beyond your present boundary of happiness, and seek solace from the fact that you already have so much, what more can you possibly want.

If you have an expectation and hit a brick wall about somebody’s behaviour here's the fall back:

God grant me the Serenity
to accept the things I cannot change
The Courage to change the things I can
and the Wisdom to know the difference

Last week I broke both rules. Yes, last week humans made me angry. And I expected others to make me happy. I was guilty on both counts. I let other people’s behaviour affect my own. Yes, I snapped!

Suddenly I was an alien no more. I fell to the ground, yes to earth, with a big thud, and realized that I am human after all.

But not before I hurt someone I dearly loved. Not before I broke her heart.

So off to the wilderness I went. To seek solace. To renew the promise to myself that I will once again live by those two rules. Even though they are alien to human.

The night is full moon, brightly lit starry night. I hear rumblings… could it be the spaceship landing? Good, then I will take that journey with my alien friends and learn a few more things from them. Things I will share with my human friends.


Amelia said...

thank you for the reference to me - that's fine to use statement. I got it from The Money-less Man book essentially anyhow, he has some great ideas and insights. It sounds the way you live is beautiful, I wish I saw more nature around here but somehow I enjoy living in the city too for the other things it offers.

take care,


Theres just life said...

Grandpa, I agree with you. Ramble on, I will listen.