Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wednesday's Child

I have to interrupt normal posting once again (and I don't say this unhappily).

I allow interruptions when there's a much bigger reason than serving you with another hopefully endearing post. And in this particular instance the reason is to honour a friend who had kindly given me an Award. Yes, I received another Award!

The friend I'm honoring is Gary, who blogs as klahanie.  If you ever need a friend, visit him. If somehow your life turns negative and you want to turn it around, having a chat with Gary may help. If you think life is not fair, Gary will give you enough reasons to convince you why that's okay and why you can live with it. He is that kind of friend.

Gary had kindly awarded me with this:

This Award originates from the delightful Samantha Verant of Live, Love, and Living in France. I would like to extend her a warm Welcome to The Farm!

The Award comes hot on the heel of L'Aussies' Fair Dinkum - how cool is that?

With all humility I accept this award. Thank you, Gary.

Apart from fresh air and sunshine, few other things in life come free. An Award is not one of them. In order to accept this award properly there's a condition that I have to state ten facts about myself. That's easy.

In fact I've been waiting for the opportunity to do just that! (Shhh...I'll let you on a little secret here: quietly I've been waiting for Rachael Harrie of Rach Writes to do an interview on me so I could tell you more about myself, but since that's not going to happen this is just as good I guess).

So here goes:

Fact 1. I am NOT an Alien. To be convinced of this go here.

Fact 2. I was born the first child to an extremely* poor couple (*that's an understatement - impecunious may be a better word). My parents soon realised that there's another child on the way. How can they support two when they're struggling with one? So on my 40th day they gave me away for adoption.

My parents' marriage was matched-made, but they so loved each other that they were blessed with eight more children, despite being the poorest couple in the village. We refer to children as rezeki (gifts from God). We have very fertile genes. One of my aunts has sixteen children, the last time I checked, that is.

I was blessed to remain the only child to an otherwise childless couple.

Fact 3. I was born on a Wednesday in August in The Year of the Rat! So I am a Virgo and a Rat. Rats! What could be more potentially- challenging!

If you don't like horror stories, you should stop here and go continue with that novel, or pay Gary a visit.

Still here? Okay - the scary part was when both the Western and Chinese Celestial Gods ganged up to align the stars to coincide with the birth of this Wednesday's child.

The rest of my facts will bear testimony to this weird coincidence, to wit:

Fact 4. I am extremely fastidious, so much so that when I was working a colleague couldn't help but smuggled the "A clean desk is a sign of an unhealthy mind" sign to put on my desk.

But not wanting to perpetuate the Virgo/Rat genes and end up with a home which could be mistaken for a clinic, I gave up control and had to consequently bear with, or make up for, if you like, all the clutters that were absent from my life before. Sigh...

Fact 5. I am a man of very few words. Orally or verbally, that is. I'm way way below introvert. On the odd occasion that I join friends (I'm very selective on this too, by the way) to coffee shops or the pub, it has more to do with watching the world (or the women) go by rather than to talk.

Written words, that's an entirely different story - you can see what's happening here...

According to Thelmaz, a man speaks about 2000 words per day as opposed to a woman's 7000. There's a possibility of a typo there - perhaps one zero too many for men and one zero less for women.

I'm also for, in any argument, letting the woman having the last say. That's for my own safety, for anything I say after that would mean a totally new argument.

Fact 6. I am not terribly bad at making money, but absolutely hopeless at spending them.

To get me to part with my money I have been given countless advice ranging from "money is the root of all evils" to "you won't be bringing all that money with you when you die".

My stock broker keeps telling me that recovery is around the corner, so "buy!, buy!". I'm of course suspicious, and wonder why they are called brokers in the first place.

Some people just cannot understand or accept the fact that it is possible to be happy by just enjoying the simple things in life. Then there are those who tend to confuse prudence and thrift with stinginess, and pride for arrogance.

Fact 7. I don't suffer fools gladly.

Fact 8. I love and adore children, and grandchildren, even when they have become adults.

Fact 9. I am scared of heights, so no mountain climbing or rollercoasters for me.

Fact 10. I always dot my i's and cross my t's. On a hot day, I'll be cross if there's no ice in my tea.

Now to spread this goodness: It is my utmost pleasure to pass on this Award -

To Nancy De at The Hapless Homestead - a story of true grit. Read about a woman's struggle on the Big Island, making a home, raising children and animals, AND work at the same time.

For sharing colorful stories from their farms, to
Chai Chai at Homestead From Scratch
Faith at Lemonade Adventures
Jennifer at Goats in The Garden

Then go over to Texas and meet Maria Zannini, a writer with a naughty rottie. She also loves farming, or at least she intends to rear a few goats for a start;

To Melissa for sharing her life through the looking glass;

For sharing her fabulous photos of nature and her surrounding, to Linnea of Photoblogista

(I would have passed this Award to Patricia A. Timms too, but she already had one).


Samantha VĂ©rant said...

Thanks for the shout out, Grandpa! And it's always nice to hear about our fellow bloggers! (Sometimes I dot my i's...) I'm glad you're not an alien, but I fear my husband is.

Kittie Howard said...

Congratulations to you, Grandpa, and the awardees. Well done!

Yes, the best things in life are free. But, free or not, I'm not fond of brokers!

Joanna St. James said...

Nice Grandpa! congratulations
I am a wednesday Child too and i was born in August

Su said...

My husband and I often joke that for us, the 7000/2000 split is backwards. He's the verbose one in the family; I settle for writing it all down. :)

Maria Zannini said...

Thank you for the award, Grandpa!

It must be Kismet because I've been invited to guest blog on Monday and the topic happens to be 10 things about me. :)

Ref: men vs women talking
My husband must be the exception to this rule. He's the talker in our relationship. I prefer to listen. But I'm the writer. And he prefers to play video games. :grin:

secret agent woman said...

Congratulations. I am definitely not fastidious. I'm not a slob either, though. Somewhere in between. Libra/Tiger - but I have no idea of the implications of that combo.

L'Aussie said...

As always a very spirited post Grandpa. Congrats on your second recent award! I loved reading about you. I won't say I wasn't shocked that your folks gave you away but it seems like you haven't let it spoil your life. Such a great attitude!

I'm going to enjoy checking out the awardees I've not met before. Congrats to all of them too!

Hoo roo Grandpa!

Theres just life said...

Congratulations Grandpa. And you thought this blog wouldn't get off the ground. You told me I could write and I told you the same thing. I guess we were both right. Of course you are more prolific than I am these days, but watch out I'm coming.

thelmaz said...

Okay, I'm here. I want to know about cross-pollination. Thanks for adding the link. Come back and visit again and I'll do the same.

NancyDe said...

Wow, thank you for the award, Grandpa! That's my one and only! We're having quite a storm tonight, and I am expecting those lambs anytime - wouldn't it be something if they came amidst thunder and lightning?

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Grandpa, wow! Very interesting reading. Now we know, ha ha.
You a rat, I am a horse....that makes me several miles ahead of you, ha ha.
Have fun, Lee.

Chai Chai said...

GrandPa, Thank you (for a second time) for the Award and link. I'll have plenty of time to get at this one due to the blizzard hitting!

Rachael Harrie said...

Hey Grandpa, now I feel a bit bad :( But...there's always next year, and I'm sure there's millions more interesting titbits you can share with us :)

It was lovely getting to know you a bit better, and congrats on your award!


The Blogger Formerly Known As said...

Nice to get to know you better, Grandpa. And, congratulations again on another well-deserved award :)
The enigmatic, masked blogger

Faith said...


Loved the insights into your personality. Very enjoyable read.

Thanks for the award! We seem to be working hard, a lot of us, aren't we. But still much time to stop and smell the roses.

.... or durian....



masterwordsmith said...

Hi there

I really love the way you blog and weave nuggets of wisdom and your experience into the post not forgetting how you remember your pals. Take care and I believe more awards will be swinging your way. I wish I knew how to give such awards. When I find out how, I will certainly give one to you!!!


Grandpa said...

Samantha Verant, thanks for dropping by and for following Sam. There's perhaps a lot that people can learn from your hubby...try to see and understand where he's coming from?

Hi Kittie, thanks! I'm old school when come to investing, no stomach too take too much risk. My favorite is real estate (include farm lands!), where I feel safe;

Hi Joanna, thanks! So we have some things in common. Now check what you are i.e tiger, horse, or what - see if we have more in common :)

Hi Su, thanks for dropping by (on my other post too!). The split could well be for Asians in general. Even if it is something universal, for every rule certainly there are exceptions.

Perhaps I should have made that clear in the post. I have lady friends, young and old who are pretty quiet, and of course there are men who are pretty chirpy.

I am truly sorry if I have offended anyone by generalising.

Hi Maria, it is my pleasure. I look forward to reading about you. Please let me have the link to whoever you are blogging for,k.

Re- you and your husband - please see my comment above.

Grandpa said...

Secret agent woman, thanks. You are perhaps in a happier balance, not so extreme. There are loads of info online regarding western/chinese horoscope if you are interested

L'Aussie, thank you, and thank you! I considered what happened to me a blessing. As the only child I had all the attention (too much sometimes), and got whatever I wanted (almost).

My biggest fear growing up with my real parents and eight other siblings was that the poverty could easily be perpetuated by a vicious circle. My different environment gave me the opportunity to get out of it.

We didn't live too far away so I was still able to be amongst them whenever I liked. And the moment I was able to I helped them in whatever way I could.

Theres just life, good to see you PJ! Hope you are well, and I look forward to reading more of your blog. Take care.

Thelmaz, thanks for dropping by, and for following. I am already following you so I get notified whenever there's a new post from you

Grandpa said...

NancyDe, my pleasure Nan! It's my tribute to a gutsy lady who works so hard for the family. I have nothing but admiration.
Good luck with those lambs.

Uncle Lee, hi Lee, good to see you. I am slow alright. I didn't walk until I was two or even older I think...

Rach, don't be! You know I was kidding... :) I didn't want people to be bored with my life story, so I couldn't resist putting that in. Thanks Rach

The Blogger Formerly Known As... Thanks!

Faith, thanks, and it is my pleasure. I know you are all busy and hardworking ladies. The Farm is now smelling sweet as the durian flowers have started to open up. I'll blog about this soon.

masterwordsmith, thank you so much for your kind words. Your blog is very entertaining. I am focusing on farm blogs, otherwise would have given you one too!

Grandpa said...

Chai Chai, sorry I missed you there. My pleasure.
I know you and OFG are in snow and now blizzards! Look forward to reading all about you soon!

klahanie said...

Greetings Grandpa,
My sincere apologies for not getting over to your blog, sooner. Trying to take it easy and not get caught out with the flu knocking me back on the rebound.
Anyway, my good friend, you were a most notable recipient of that highly coveted award. Your good natured demeanour make visiting your site an absolute delight. I thank you for your kind interaction.
A very fascinating list of facts about your good self. And hey, you don't suffer fools gladly. Fair enough, I shall try to be not such a fool:-)
Hearty congratulations to those you have bestowed the award upon.
May you have a peaceful week.
With great respect, Gary.

Grandpa said...

klahanie, that's alright Gary, you should be in bed anyway. Thank you for your kind words, my friend.

I really should have said "I didn't suffer fools gladly" - I was referring to my attitude towards people in my team when I was climbing the corporate ladder.

I have come a long way since. If you mellow with each passing year of your life, then I am as mellow as anyone can be!

Thanks again Gary, and hope you get well real soon.

Melissa said...

Thank you Grandpa!!! I really appreciate you thinking of me.

I loved learning more about you! There is some really great insight here. And it's all so fascinating!

Grandpa said...

Melissa, you are welcome! Thank you!

Linnea said...

Thank you for the award Grandpa. It's very sweet of you to think of me and my blog. It was fun learning more about you too! You're quite a guy!