Monday, April 25, 2011

U for Undressed

This was on Nadia's (Irfan's mother) FB:

Irfan asked me this morning, "Ma, how do we eat rake and sun?" I replied, "You can't eat those?" He replied back, "Caaaaaaan. Replace the 'r' with 'c' and the 's' with 'b' so you get cake and bun. Can eat wot?"

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Another Award my way!

My dear friend Gary, owner and co-writer (sometimes Penny, his Jack Russell and modest internet star co-writes) of the blog klahanie, has bestowed me this classic Award:

If you have not visited Gary, go here and be mesmerized by his wonderful choice of words when he articulates a subject of his choice, like hanging clothes down side up. My English (both English English and Canadian English) has improved tremendously (that's what I like to think anyway) since frequenting his blog.  So go, go now. (But be sure to come back, for I'm not done yet, eh).

Thank you, my friend, I'm truly honored.

The originator of the Award is Count Sneaky who blogs here.  Just to give you a glimpse of what he writes, here's an example:  "Don't look so far ahead, the world is right under your feet".  Now I keep telling myself that all the time.

It is my distinct pleasure to pass this Award to....Gary's sister Joylene Nowell Butler. She's taking a moment at a time on Cluculz Lake.  She's the author of the thriller Dead Witness.

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Today is the scheduled release date for Ann Carbine Best's memoir In The Mirror.  Available from Amazon.

Congratulations Ann!

Here's a preview:

This moving, inspiring, and candid memoir, In the Mirror, A Memoir of Shattered Secrets, is a simply told yet eloquent story of a woman whose mortal journey takes her through a series of life-shattering crises, each of which could break any one of us. An idealist and a dreamer, shaken by something amiss in her marriage, she turns to a brief flirtation with another man but quickly retreats, remaining faithful to her gay husband who is already acting out his choices with others. Then, the marriage ends and the silent heartbreak and ordeals continue as this mother of four struggles to provide for her children; a mother endowed with a "stiff upper lip" and a strong faith in herself and God that give her the ability to endure and prevail. Her mirror of well-intended choices becomes a cautionary tale about how bad choices shatter, crack and distort. . . mirrors and lives. It may not have been the story Ann Best had hoped to write, but it is the actual story of how she coped--and triumphed--on this fallen world we call Earth.

~Richard H. Cracroft, Nan Osmond Grass Professor in English and Emeritus at Brigham Young University; Author/editor of 13 books and over 250 articles on American literature; Chair of BYU's English Department and Dean of the College of Humanities.

On with the Alphabet Challenge.  Since you have all those blogs to visit, and Ann's memoir to read, I shall be brief:


When I buy chicken they are normally dressed.

Here is a chicken that is undressed.

Image from Wikipedia

My original intention was to write about Ursula Undress, in keeping with my 'Double O Seven' and 'Tongkat Ali' themes, but on second thought people would be less offended by the chicken story, right People?


Anonymous said...

hahaha All my chickens undressed! If I want a dressed chicken, I go to the supermarket. I couldnt bear to dress my friends!

L'Aussie said...

Lots here Grandpa. Ha ha. Undressed chooks.

Congrats on the award Granspa and thanks for the link.

Great that Ann's book is out. I have it on preorder so I should get my copy very soon!


Akelamalu said...

Congrats on the award Grandpa. :)

Ohiofarmgirl said...

hee hee hee the closer we get to the end of the alphabet, the less mature i become! ha!

actually - when i talk to non-farm people i often say we are "dressing" chickens today instead of "butchering." i do this to be polite as many people burst into tears and demand to know how i "do that" - usually while they are holding a fast food bag in their hands. anyway this leads to confusion and some folks have asked me why i "dress" my chickens in little outfits?

*slaps forehead*

please let little Ifran know that his Auntie OFG will make him rake and sun whenever he wants it.

Her highness, Samantha Vérant said...

Some chickens DO like dressing up. Or is that chicks? Chicks like dressing up?

Her highness, Samantha Vérant said...

And congrats on your award!

Joylene Butler said...

What an awesome surprise. Thank you, Grandpa for the Bronze Award. I love it. And to think, it's my birthday. Double delight. And your undressed chicken is very handsome. I love chickens undressed. Have Monday, Grandpa.

klahanie said...

Hey Grandpa,
How are 'U'? :)
Firstly, U were a most worthy recipient and U are one of my favourite (or for your American friends 'favorite') bloggers:) U, my friend, delight us with your adventures on the farm and those really neat fruits, in fact, some make for arousing eating :)
I do so hope that those that follow your blog go and check out Count Sneaky and of course, my 'sister', the lovely Joylene, who U have bestowed the award onto.
And hearty congrats to Ann for the launch of her book on Amazon.
And speaking of chickens, I once bought a 'spring chicken'. Darn thing kept bouncing all over my garden! :)
See U later eh :) Your shy and humble friend over at his shy, humble and rather unknown blog titled 'klahanie' :)

Happy Frog and I said...

Lots to take in here. I just want to say congratulations on the award, the chicken photo made me giggle and well done on doing so well in your A-Z challenge, nearly there!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Congratulations on the unique award - and cheers to Ann!!

Grandpa said...

Nikki, yes, supermarkets will do all those for you, but try to get free range ones - they're so much better.

L'Aussie, thanks Denise. We wish Ann all the best with her book.

Akelamalu, thank you!

Grandpa said...

Ohiofarmgirl, hi there pal!
Actually I still wonder how that term came about. That's what make English such an intriguing language for me...

I'll certainly pass that message from Auntie OFG to Irfan. Thanks!

Her highness - thank you! Yes Chicks dress up, if they undress it will be something else... :))

Grandpa said...

Joylene, it's my pleasure. Happy Birthday and have a good week ahead.

klahanie, I'm fine Gary, and fully dressed, I might add. Thank you for your kind words.
You should perhaps have some music in the garden for that chicken of yours... :) (Your blog is well-known, btw. You are humble alrite)

Grandpa said...

Happy Frog and I, thank you. I know it's a lot, but I hope you'll stay a while to absorb it all.

A-Z had disciplined me into writing every single day, come rain or shine, and no matter how busy I am. I wouldn't have done it if left on my own, so that's a very positive thing for me.

Alex, thank you! And yes, cheers to the gutsy Lady!