Friday, April 22, 2011

S FOR STARFRUIT (With an Easter Update)

Also known as Belimbing or Carambola,  another exotic fruit grown on The Farm. 

It can be taken fresh or turned into a refreshing fruit juice.  Like most tropical fruits it is loaded with vitamin C, antioxidants, and is low in sugar, sodium and acid.

Harvested fresh from Grandpa's Farm

First image by Wikipedia.

Easter Update:

Grandson Irfan came back from kindy with some Easter handy crafts. When I wanted to take a photo of them, he said "That's OK Grandpa, but you'll have to use your own eggs, I ate my Easter eggs!"

That basket with my own egg.

HAPPY EASTER everyone!


NancyDe said...

As terrible as it may sound, one of my memories from childhood is stealthily picking star fruit from a neighbor's yard with the other neighborhood children. We were terrified of getting caught, but I think maybe now, from the perspective of adulthood - I think Mr. M didn't really mind....

klahanie said...

Hey Grandpa,
It's amazing what grows on your farm. I like the added info you always provide for us.
You know, my friend, I think of you as the real 'Starfruit':)
And thus, shall I see you tomorrow for 'T' ?
Take care, my friend.
In kindness, Gary :)

Grandpa said...

NancyDe, you sure are familiar with all the tropical fruits!
Didn't we all pick our neighbor's fruits - but I think they all didn't mind, there's so much to go around.
Like in my case visitors just help themselves to them - ciku, guava, rambutan, starfruit - my advice is only to make sure they are ripe enough for the picking.

klahanie, thank you for the compliment Gary. Have a Starfruit juice on me!
Now you wouldn't wanna miss 'T' for sure, my friend. I'll see you on the morrow, eh.

Joylene Butler said...

Thanks, Grandpa. I've seen them at the store and meant to ask someone. They look juicy. Did I see them in Jamaica? I'm not sure, but I saw them somewhere in their nature state.

Happy Easter.

Dawn M. Hamsher said...

I LOVE starfruit! They are like citrus apples. Now, I'll have to go buy some. :0)

Grandpa said...

Joylene, you are most welcome! I wouldn't be surprised if you find them in Jamaica, or even Santiago, Chile for that matter.
Happy Easter to you Joylene!

Dawn, yes go for it girl! They are good for you!

Nadia said...

Haha! Yeah he told me he ate the egg with Grandma and that he'll make another one for me next year. ;)

Grandpa said...

Nadia, I didn't even see it - by the time I was ready to shoot it was gone! Had to be real careful with the uncooked one!

Her highness, Samantha Vérant said...

You have an artist on your hands! And...mmmmm... Starfruit. I do like it!

Grandpa said...

Her highness, Irfan always delights us with his drawings. Starfruit and its juice is delicious.

Anonymous said...

Sounds so yummy and a great looking egg you've got there too. I hope you have a lovely Easter. :)

Grandpa said...

Hi Nikki, and I love your hot water bag, and those pretty Easter stuff.
Happy Easter to you too!

Clarissa Draper said...

Cute! What a cute grandson!

I have seen and ate starfruit down here in Mexico but for some reason, it's not my favorite.

Grandpa said...

Clarissa, thank you!
I suppose there are exceptions, may be you would prefer mangoes, or guava?

Lady Jennie said...

Mmm so many good fruits. I like starfruits, even though they're quite a bit of effort for not much at all.

Akelamalu said...

Oh you're so lucky to have such lovely fruits growing on your farm. :)

Anonymous said...

Now I've been introduced to Star Fruit. It looks wonderful!

You told me to come over to see what your grandson did for Easter. I'm glad I did. What he did is wonderful, too! Aren't GRANDchildren wonderful?!

I LOVE that basket with your own egg. It's SO colorful.

And happy, happy Easter to you too!!
Ann Carbine Best’s Long Journey Home

Ohiofarmgirl said...

the blooms are just beautiful! and that is some fine artwork there.

have a glorious day, Grandpa!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh noooo! You are at the letter "S" already, which means that I have been left very very far behind from the last blog post I'd read.

I love starfruit. Someone told me that there's this other type of starfruit - sour one, shaped like a thumb, great for sambals and curry. Also called belimbing something.. I forgot.

Grandpa said...

Lady Jennie, it's quite effortless really, just pluck and bite. Or put it in a blender for the juice.

Akelamalu, my intention was to have a few of each - as many types as possible, esp almost extinct ones.

Ann, thanks for stopping by. Yes, my grandchildren provide endless joy and amusement.

Grandpa said...

Ohiofarmgirl, Hi pal! Irfan saya 'thank you'!
You too have a glorious day!

Andrea, yes, I think you should stay by your laptop for a while to catch up!
You are referring to belimbing besi, which is not actually star fruit (they share the Malay name 'belimbing') - used in nasi dagang curry.

thelmaz said...

Starfruit sounds delicious.
Happy Easter.

Rachael Harrie said...

Ooh, I love starfruit! Haven't had one for years and years though :(



Grandpa said...

Hi Rach, they fruit almost all the year round here.