Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Green Berry Part II - More Clues

Thanks everyone for participating in the Green Berry Quiz!

 I will now show a few more photos - see if you can figure out with the extra info at hand.

Here are my comments on your attempts, which are very much appreciated:

Melissa, you are right, they are not quite berries yet, but will soon be. Compostpyle, they are neither goji berry nor wolf berry - we don't have them around here.

Jenny, I'm surprised you haven't seen these, but can't blame you, you are a writer, not a farmer...! Lee, they do look like langsat don't they, except langsat grow closer to the trunk (shorter stalks), shown below:

These are 'Langsat', really sweet and tasty fruit

Chai Chai, Nancy, they are not Acai berries even though we have a type of palm tree that produces fruits similar in shape to them. These berries are not from palm trees.

Thanks also to Clarissa, Laura and Rayna, whose comments I had responded to individually earlier.

Faith, I was about to post this when your comment came in! You made me laugh over googling images for tropical fruit trees to find the answer! And you had analyzed well too - as to why they are not eggplant or longan...

Here are some more clues:

This is how they looked like two weeks before

As you can see they sprout out from  branches
 and trunks of a tree, not a palm tree

Could they be Grapes?

These are at slightly more advanced

Would you care to try again?


compostpyle said...

Hummmmm, nice pic's. Maybe peppercorns?

Have a good day : )

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

:-) now I can see more about this fruict

Faith said...

Still no clue, but finding lots of cool stuff.

I'd never heard of the Jaboticaba before.


Ohiofarmgirl said...

cacao? could it be the makings of chocolate!??!!?

Hi Grandpa! What a glorious day!

Mary Mary said...

No idea. I'm not a fruit/vegetable connoisseur. Are they at least tasty?

compostpyle said...

Well what about Allspice Berries

I did look up cloves to but think they might be Allspice B.

small farm girl said...

I have no idea. hehehe

Chai Chai said...

How about a Pacific Madrone?

NancyDe said...

Are they dragon's eye (longan?) - or is Faith right - Jaboticaba? I have one, but the leaves look bigger than in your picture (and mine is small and not fruiting yet).

compostpyle said...

I think it might be Pea Eggplant.

: ) thats it isn't it?

Linnea said...

What an amazing process!

Jenny Beattie said...

Oh dear. I am such a townie. Coffee?

Grandpa said...

Thank you everyone for trying, but I'm afraid it's not any of the plants you mentioned...sorry.

Some of you made an assumption that the berries are matured ones or close to ripening, hence coffee, longan...As I indicated in the photos it has been only two weeks since they started sprouting. It will be four more months before they ripen!

Comments on individual plants mentioned: peppercorns - these grow on vines supported by wooden stakes;the berries are much smaller and are either green or black;
Jaboticaba - what we saw in the photos are matured or ripe berries;
Same thing applies to Coffee;
Cacao, or Cocoa trees grow up to six feet high, compared to 15 to 40 feet of my trees; Cocoa fruits are in the form of pods rather than berries;
Longan, eggplants are much smaller plants and the fruit would ripe at about marble or ping-pong ball size;
I don't know what a Pacific Madrone is so will have to look that one up.

What I will do in my next post is to show you how the berries have progressed, and show more of the tree as well, okay?

Thanks again for participating - I hope it was stimulating enough to take you away from other headaches you may have. Till next time, take care, and eat more fruits!

Pat said...

Ahh, I come late to your post, as usual. But my husband thinks they look like the durian flower, and if so, then these berries would be the early fruit - which would then grown into the prickly KING we love!

Is he right?!

Grandpa said...

Ahh, Pat! Better late than never, and in this case late is okay, as it gave others the chance to figure out.
Your hubby is right - it is the KING of all fruits. And he's described the flowering process perfectly too!

Mary Mary, this fruit tastes heavenly! Will tell you all about it in a bit. Stay tuned...